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Let’s Play

Title: Let’s Play
Author: goetterdamerung
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Genre: PWP, Dom!Merlin (as if there was a doubt with me writing), Kink – Wax Play, Bondage, Toy Play
Rating: Well above NC-17 (what a shocker)
Warnings: Dom/sub scene with explicit sex and moderate violence.
Authors Notes: Not for the squeamish, this is by far the heaviest I have written to date including my TW Ragarok Cycle. Don’t try this at home kids, I am an experienced Dom and have been involved in scenarios of this calibre for many years. So yes, the positions and activities described herein are accurate, with a certain allowance for 6th century technology.
Summary: Merlin shows Arthur some of the darker games he knows.

3000 Words of pure Porn

Let's Play
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